dawson - Un compte Instagram très nostalgique pour les fans de Dawson dawson cast before

Un compte Instagram très nostalgique pour les fans de Dawson

Dawson est, comme tout teen show de qualité, une série qui sait donner sa place aux parents. Et ce compte Instagram pourrait être un nouvel exemple.

Dawson a, pendant 6 saisons, montré les bons et mauvais cotés de l’adolescence. Avec les amours et amitiés, vient aussi la relation avec les parents. Dawson a un père et une mère bienveillants. Trop? Peut-être. Joués par John Wesley Shipp et Mary-Margaret Humes, Mitch et Gail Leery avaient connu quelques heurts au début de la série.

Cette saison 1, on la connait par cœur. On sait aussi qu’elle aune ambiance particulière avec un ton un peu rural, un look encore un peu kitsch et surtout marque un autre temps. Nous étions en 1998 et Mary-Margaret Humes, elle, était au plus près du tournage et a quasiment documenté une grosse partie des « behind the scenes ».

Son compte Instagram est une mine d’or et d’images inédites où on peut voir les jeunes et débutants James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson et Michelle Williams. Alors que la série a fêté ses 20 ans, on peut voir des moments, des instants volés que Humes a réussi à capter, à monter et à mis en musique.



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A very special #behindthescenes #flashbackfriday 🎥 It feels literally impossible to tell a story of 6 years in only 60 seconds, however, I believe it has to be comprised of a beginning, a middle and an end. So, having said that…here goes. Starting with BEGINNINGS…This is the “first” photo that I ever took of @vanderjames and @katieholmes212 with the ever so talented #dawsonscreek creator and screenwriter @kevwilliamson followed by the very “first” video I ever shot of the unknown screenwriter (at the time) named @gberlanti as he was beginning to take on the role of writer/executive producer once Kevin turned over the show to him. And lastly , on a personal note…this is a photo of the very “first” birthday gift that I gave to James on March 8, 1999…It was a journal for him to begIn to write down his own personal thoughts and dreams as he travelled along on his journey. ✨ I inscribed my favorite poem #desiderata on the inside cover as inspiration. ☮️. Now during the MIDDLE of this six year journey there were always March 8th birthday cakes with candles to blow out and upon which to make a wish 💫. And finally, after returning to write the finale of the show six years later, Kevin came to witness the conclusion of his story. As the crew was shooting the very last scene in which James was involved, I noticed Kevin quietly on the sidelines trying to grab a shot on this camera. I impulsively reached for my own camera to grab a moment of him serenely watching his dream play out before his eyes as it was all coming to “the end.” When I looked around to see what he was seeing…this was what we all witnessed together…the director announcing to everyone that this was the final camera shot for James Van der Beek. There wasn’t a dry eye on the sound stage. What an incredible gift for James and all involved to have been mentored by the astounding #kevinwilliamson and #gregberlanti So, 20 years later on THIS March 8th 2019…Dear James…May all your dreams and wishes (whatever they may be) always come true…with love, MM 💞

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Pour rappel, des Funko Pop Dawson sont prévus cet été !

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